First responders for all in home water related emergencies.

Whether you experience a flood ,sewage back up or plumbing failure. On call flood service will be there on time. We are prepared and equipped for emergency clean up , drying and protection of your home.


• 45 Minute Response Time

• Emergency Clean Up and Drying Services to Save Your Families Home

• Emergency Response Service 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

• Water Extraction Services

• Leak Detection

• Emergency Plumbing Repair

• Sewage Clean Up

• Mold Removal

• Contamination Control

• Emergency Furniture Protection

• Direct Insurance Billing

• Reconstruction Services

If you have standing water in your home, don’t devise your own clean-up plan that will probably fall short of solving the problem. Rather, contact On Call as soon as possible to get rid of the water safely, effectively and completely, and then to clean up the effects and leave no trace that water ever invaded your property.

At On Call, we have years of experience in water removal and we put all of that experience, as well as the latest technology, to good use in getting water out and returning your home to its original condition.On Call is IICRC certified, meaning that we have met industry standards and are a trusted name for water removal.

It also means that we have been committed to staying on the cutting edge of water removal and have stocked our trucks with the best equipment to get water out and dry your property. The companies that compete for your business that are not certified can easily leave your home in a worse state than they found it in. That’s why you should only trust certified water removal services when it comes to your largest asset—your home.

We have 25 years of experience in home restoration and, particularly, restoration after water damage.  What’s more, we are licensed in water restoration, microbial remediation and will minimize any effects of water damage. On Call Flood Service keeps your costs to a minimum as our on-staff licensed insurance adjuster will interact effectively with your insurance company.

Our process for disposing of water on your property and then returning it to pristine condition is routine for us, but certainly too much for the average homeowner. As a first step, we use careful and complete extraction methods to take water from where it shouldn’t be to where it can do no harm. We then do a complete analysis of the damage and devise a plan to halt mold growth and restore structures that have been weakened through exposure to water.

We then deodorize and sanitize the space as we store your property if needed. We put our best equipment to use to then completely dry and dehumidify your home to ensure that no lasting effects occur. All of this is done in record time with minimal disruption to you and your family, at a price that might surprise you.

Don’t let that small amount of water fool you. In our experience what you can’t see can hurt you as water accumulates in wall cavities and under cabinets. In almost all cases, a homeowner will not be able to get rid of the water and completely dry the impacted area with their own tools. You will need to call a true professional service with the right equipment to get the water out and to get your family back in.

Only licensed, certified water restoration companies can protect your largest asset with the care and technology that it deserves. Contact On Call before extensive damage is done. Let us take care of any water disposal needs that you have and leave no traces of water damage. Our trained, certified professionals are armed with the latest equipment and are 100% committed to your complete satisfaction.

Don’t let standing water ruin your day or your property. Contact On Call at the first sign of water and trust us to control and then eliminate your water problem. No one will ever know it was there when we are finished.